STEP BY STEP Piano Course The Fun Way Step 1, 2 &3



此教材適用於 鋼琴初階課程 「學練無間」鋼琴課程,課程教材可以由家長自由配搭,歡迎向我們WhatsApp索取《訂購教本建議》。


~作者︰Dr. Geraldine Law-Lee

ISBN: 955 6 81110 118 0

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The Step 1-3 of Step series, hopes to provide a very sound foundation for reading, understanding and position shifts. It enables teachers to develop musicianship, finger technique (strength, independence, perfect legato and staccato, gradation (sharp contrasts of loud and soft first, and then getting louder and softer), recognition of basic key concepts, reinforcing reading in familiar keys with advances in other concepts (either tone, articulation or addition of new skills) and a calear feel of rhythm using familiar tunes and enjoyable “talk about” integration of theoretical and aural aspects. It is also hoped that with the familiar tunes parents also know, support and encouragement, so vital during these early stages will be given by them. This basic firm and “Step by Step” concept gradually frees out into the Classical world of styles and interpretation, not forgetting that major part of “Fun Pieces” still included at the back of every book for the enjoyment of the children and parents.



STEP 1, STEP 2, STEP 3, STEP 1 & 2 (2本組合), STEP 1, 2 & 3 (3本組合)