Prep Course for the Young Beginners Notespeller Book Level A, B & C


書籍類型︰基礎樂理練習 (輔助學習樂器)

此教材適用於 鋼琴初階課程 「學練無間」鋼琴課程,課程教材可以由家長自由配搭,歡迎向我們WhatsApp索取《訂購教本建議》。


~作者︰Gayle Kowalchyk, E.L. Lancaster
~出版︰Alfred’s Publishing Co., Inc.
~尺寸︰210 x 150 x 5.5mm



Students who read fluently will be able to enjoy playing the piano for a lifetime. The activities in this NOTESPELLER BOOK aid students in developing reading skills and recognizing interval and chord patterns. Concepts are reinforced through games, puzzles, coloring pages and written exercises. Students are encouraged to play many of the notated examples to further enhance the reading process. This book provides an enjoyable and appealing way to have fun while learning valuable musical skills!