Piano Adventures® Lesson Book Level 1 & 2A (2nd Edition)



此教材適用於 鋼琴初階課程 「學練無間」鋼琴課程,課程教材可以由家長自由配搭,歡迎向我們WhatsApp索取《訂購教本建議》。


~作者︰Hal Leonard

ISBN: 978 1 61677 078 5
ISBN: 987 1 61677 081 5

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The 2nd Edition Level 1 Lesson Book introduces all the notes of the grand staff, elementary chord playing, and the concept of tonic and dominant notes. Students play in varied positions, reinforcing reading skills and recognizing intervals through the 5th. Musicianship is built with the introduction of legato and staccato touches. This level continues the interval orientation to reading across the full range of the Grand Staff. The 5-finger approach is presented here in a fresh, musically appealing way.

The 2nd Edition Level 2A Lesson Book follows Piano Adventures Level 1. The book opens with a Note Reading Guide and an introduction to eighth note rhythm patterns. Students work with 5-finger transposition, functional harmony, and musical phrases. Exploration of C, G, D and A major and minor 5-finger positions builds on intervallic reading skills that were introduced in the earlier level. Appealing repertoire reinforces key concepts and encourages students to explore musical expression through varied dynamics and tempos. Selections include well-known classics from the great composers and original compositions.



Level 1, Level 2A, Level 1 & 2A(組合)