ABRSM Grade 2-8 Piano Exam 2023 & 2024 syllabus (Pieces, Scales & Arpeggios, Sight Reading)

書籍類型︰ABRSM鋼琴考試範圍2023 & 2024

此教材適用於 鋼琴初階及晉升課程,課程教材可由家長自由配搭或由我們導師建議,歡迎向我們WhatsApp索取《訂購教本建議》。


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Scales & Arpeggios:
This new edition contains all the scales and arpeggios required for the Grade 2-8 ABRSM piano exam.
• All scales and arpeggios for the revised syllabus from 2009
• Suggested fingering provided
• Helpful introduction including advice on preparing for the exam
• User-friendly format and clear page layout

Piano Exam Pieces:
These books contain nine pieces each from ABRSM’s Graded Piano syllabus for 2023 & 2024, three pieces chosen from each of Lists A, B and C. The pieces have been carefully selected to offer an attractive and varied range of styles, creating a collection that provides an excellent source of repertoire to suit every performer. The book also contains helpful footnotes and, for those preparing for exams, useful syllabus information.

Specimen Sight Reading Tests for Piano:
These volumes containing valuable practice material for students preparing for ABRSM Piano exams.
The tests are written in attractive and approachable styles and are representative of the technical level expected in the exams.



Pieces, Scales & Arpeggios, Sight Reading, 全套


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